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Apr 21, 2024

Los Reyes Magos: Una Tradición Centenaria

Jan 4, 2024

The Three Wise Men: A Centuries-Old Tradition

The Three Wise Men: A Centuries-Old TraditionThe story of the Three Wise Men dates back to the ancient Christian cele...
Descubre la Esencia de Barcelona: Explorando las Mejores Tiendas de Producción Local con Diseño Exquisito

Dec 20, 2023

​Discover the Essence of Barcelona: Exploring the best Locally Produced Stores with Exquisite Design

Discover the Essence of Barcelona: Exploring the best Locally Produced Stores with Exquisite DesignBarcelona, the jew...
Los orígenes del cagatió y que regalos se pueden hacer

Dec 11, 2023

The origins of caga tío and what gifts can be given

Original gifts for the cagació, the origin of the Catalan tradition. Best local gifts, from local artists made in Spain and Catalonia. Best Christmas gifts made in Barcelona. Totebags, pins, badges, prints with original illustrations.
Regalos originales de navidad para toda la familia

Dec 5, 2023

Original Christmas gifts for the whole family

In the exciting search for original Christmas gifts, carefully designed and local for the whole family, the Raïma&nbs...
El origen de la tradición del amigo invisble y regalos originales

Dec 5, 2023

The origin of the invisible friend tradition and original gifts

Celebrate the invisible friend with unique and original proximity gifts. Discover charming options to surprise your loved ones. Ideal gifts that stand out for their authenticity and closeness!
Moda y Arte: La fusión perfecta de creatividad y estilo

Nov 23, 2023

​Fashion and Art: The perfect fusion of creativity and style

Fashion and Art: The perfect fusion of creativity and styleFashion and art are two forms of expression that have been...
Marcas de ropa para toda la familia: Vístete con estilo y poesía

Nov 22, 2023

Clothing brands for the whole family: Dress with style and poetry

The best brand to dress the whole family the same, with the same designs, for mothers, fathers and children. The best Christmas gift for the family. Made in Barcelona from organic cotton. Gift from Barcelona, from local artists. proximity, sustainable and ecological. The best store in Barcelona, with illustrations
La industria textil en Cataluña: Pasado y presente de las pequeñas marcas y el valor de la proximidad

Nov 22, 2023

The textile industry in Catalonia: Past and present of small brands and the value of proximity

Barcelona clothing brand for adults, children, women and accessories, such as totebags, original gifts with visual poetry for the whole family. Organic cotton made in Spain, a typical product from Barcelona. The best gift from Barcelona. Gothic and Born neighborhood. Best shops in Barcelona. Local artists.
Ilustración y  Ropa: La Fusión Perfecta de Creatividad y Moda

Nov 20, 2023

Illustration Art on Clothing: The Perfect Fusion of Creativity and Fashion

Clothing art illustration is a form of artistic expression that fuses the creativity of visual art with fashion. This trend has had a great impact on the fashion industry, allowing artists and designers to create unique and original pieces. Furthermore, art illustration on clothing has opened new opportunities for artists, generating greater diversity and originality in the fashion offering.
Pandemia, y nueva normalidad | Visual Poetry Barcelona

Sep 29, 2020

Pandemic, and new normal

This year is being a strange and uncertain year. In March, what seemed like a joke, an exaggeration, which pushed many to buy tons and tons of toilet paper, became something that would change the way we live for, at least, several months.
Marcarillas y la nueva Normalidad | Visual Poetry Barcelona

Jul 22, 2020

The new normal whit masks

This year has been a difficult year. If in December 2019 someone had told us that things would develop as they are doing so far, no one would believe it.
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