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Los Reyes Magos: Una Tradición Centenaria

The Three Wise Men: A Centuries-Old Tradition

The Three Wise Men: A Centuries-Old Tradition

The story of the Three Wise Men dates back to the ancient Christian celebration commemorating the visit of three wise men to the newborn Jesus in Bethlehem. This narrative is rooted in the New Testament, specifically in the Gospel of Matthew. While the exact number of magi and their names are not mentioned in the Bible, popular tradition has identified them as Melchior, Gaspar, and Balthasar.

The celebration of the Three Wise Men began in the early centuries of Christianity, consolidating itself in the Middle Ages. The main date of this celebration is January 6, known as Three Kings' Day or Epiphany, when the arrival of the magi and the manifestation of Jesus as the Savior are commemorated.

Regarding gifts, the original tradition involved symbolic offerings such as gold, frankincense, and myrrh. Gold represented Jesus's royalty, frankincense his divinity, and myrrh his human nature and future anointing in his death. Over the centuries, the custom of exchanging gifts on this date has evolved, and today, the variety of presents is considerable.

The celebration of the Three Wise Men takes place in numerous countries around the world, with a particular emphasis on Hispanic culture and nations with Christian traditions. Spain and Latin American countries are examples where this festivity enjoys great popularity.

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