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Pandemia, y nueva normalidad | Visual Poetry Barcelona

Pandemic, and new normal

The new "normal"

This year is being a strange and uncertain year.

In March, what seemed like a joke, an exaggeration, which prompted many to buy tons and tons of toilet paper, became something that would change our way of life for at least several months.

The pandemic has forced us to live in a different way. In our new day to day we use various elements that have become common.

Hand sanitizer alcohol, disposable gloves in supermarkets, protective screens and, of course, masks.

Masks and the family economy

We have learned a lot about this topic. In some places its use is mandatory and we have all become accustomed to having one nearby.

With the return to school, the enormous amount of these accessories that we need has become evident. A schoolboy, for example, must wear two masks, new or washed, every day to school. Which means the use of at least ten masks per week per child.

This has a direct impact on the family cost and, in some way, generates a large amount of waste.

Washable masks
An alternative to throwaway masks are washable mask . These are accessories that fulfill the same function but can simply be used more than once.

href="" target="_blank" title="Mascarillas para la vuelta al cole" rel="noopener noreferrer">Mascarilla vuelta al cole


Coping with the "new normal"

These are difficult and uncertain times for everyone. From Visual we work every day to get ahead and we encourage you to do the same. If you want to share any comments with us, feel more than invited to do so in this post or through our social networks.

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