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El origen de la tradición del amigo invisble y regalos originales

The origin of the invisible friend tradition and original gifts

Origins of the Invisible Friend tradition

The Secret Santa is a fun Christmas tradition in which a group of people exchange gifts anonymously, later revealing who the generous gift-giver was. Although its exact origins are uncertain, the custom is believed to have roots in ancient Rome, where during Saturnalia an exchange of gifts between friends and family was practiced.

Today, the invisible friend has become a popular celebration around the world, especially among friends, co-workers or family members who want to share the joy of the season in creative and surprising ways.

Original gifts for the invisible friend

When it comes to finding unique and affordable gifts for the Secret Santa in Barcelona, a great option is to explore the creations of Visual Poetry Barcelona. This local brand prides itself on manufacturing all of its products in the same city, using high-quality materials and 100% organic cotton clothing.

Visual Poetry Barcelona gifts are perfect for this celebration, as they stand out for their originality and closeness. From tote bags with artistic designs and vibrant stickers to prints that capture the essence of the city, to Christmas cards with a unique touch, mugs with charming illustrations and stylish pins, the variety of options is wide and exciting.

The brand strives to offer affordable products without sacrificing quality, making them ideal gifts for the Secret Santa. By choosing Visual Poetry Barcelona, you are not only purchasing unique and artistic products, but you are also supporting local and sustainable production.

In short, the tradition of the invisible friend is mixed with the creativity and charm of the gifts from Visual Poetry Barcelona. These original products, lovingly made in the same city, are the perfect choice to celebrate the season with style, generosity and a touch of local art. Their store in the magical Born neighborhood of Barcelona is a small, Nordic-designed and very cozy setting.
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