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La “generación” indie y la música | Visual Poetry Barcelona

Indie "generation" and music

The indie themes that have marked us the most

It is difficult to type the generation that loved and loves indie music between two dates. Perhaps it is because it does not represent, much less, the bulk of a "generation." In fact, indie music has always had an air of nonconformity that has placed it on a separate plane, parallel to the rest of the world.

Maybe that's why many of us find it so interesting. In the world of "more is more", in which we have often drawn a clear line between success and failure, where the direction is supposed to be one, and only one, a group of people have given a step aside and have said quietly "I'm not sure that all that goes with me"

And from that attitude many times really good things have been born.

These are some of the groups that have marked us the most. It is not a closed list, much less, and if you want to participate we will be delighted that you comment and if you like, you know, put it in favorites and listen to these songs whenever you want.

Without a particular order:

RadioHead - Street Spirit For RadioHead members themselves this is their purest song and Tom Yorke explains what he felt every time they played it in this writing.

-Even Flow from Pearl Jam The Seattle band says they wrote the lyrics inspired by the people who lived on the street. It was the second single to promote his album Ten. 

Sigur Rós - Ágætis Byrjun The album title came from a friend who listened to the first song they had written for the album, which would become the song Ágætis byrjun. After hearing it, he said it was "a good start"; and the phrase made fortune in the members of the group, who kept repeating it, finally adopting it to title the album. Ágætis byrjun is actually a play on words, since although ágætis means something very good; According to Georg, "young people tend to use it now to refer to something mediocre, with which each one can keep the meaning they want: it can be a very good start, or a beginning that is simply not bad."

From our point of view one of the best groups to get carried away, reflect, dream or create. This song inaugurated its second disc, with the same name, in 1999.

-Eddie Vedder - Society "You think you have to want More than you need Until you have it all you won't be free" (You think you want more than you need and when you have it you won't be free) It was part of the "In to the Wild" soundtrack 

Midlake - Acts of Man It is the theme that opens the band's third album, The Courage Of Others. After an apocalyptic introduction a solo folk guitar makes the introduction wanting to escape from modern ornaments. Choirs executed perfectly, sounds and lyrics that become hymns to nature. Midlake transports us to timeless magical landscapes perfect for dreaming and creating. 

The Cure - a letter to Elise Robert Smith explained that he was having a hard time in his life when he wrote this song, "A Letter to Elise" talks about resignation.

The war on drugs - Strangest Thing His music and compositions show sincerity and emotion on all four sides. Issues well made from beginning to end with no more pretensions than thrills. Some passages pleasantly remind us of Bruce Springsteen's best years and other great North American-root folk / Rock classics like Bob Dylan. Adam Granduciel, singer and composer transports us with "Strangest thing" to the sensation of a loneliness that wanders between pain and pleasure and with which many of us can feel identified.

Nirvana - breed Kurt Cobain wrote this song when he began to explore more deeply his talent for expressing himself through music and his lyrics. At first he wrote about the people around him. The original version of this track was recorded at Smart Studios with Butch Vig, and was by far the most complex song of the session.

Independent Soul

From Visual Poetry Barcelona we have always felt that our creative process has been related to music and its strength.  We try to do things well, sometimes even successfully, it is not something simple but we know that there will always be people willing to ask themselves if what they do is right or if they can do even better.

Music is part of our DNA.

To understand Visual Poetry, it is necessary to frame the project in an artistic level that goes far beyond the illustration.

Music inspires and shapes each of our creations, sometimes in a subtle way and sometimes in a more obvious way.

Below you can see a video clip of The last 3 lines (Sleepwalker), one of the parallel musical projects of ideotta (Xavi), our illustrator and creative artist.

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