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Ropa para premamás | Visual Poetry Barcelona

Maternity clothes

The mothers of the future

Future moms (and mothers in general) are a kind of super heroines. They have to endure things like fatigue, swelling, backaches or nausea, not to mention childbirth and all that that entails. 

Maternity clothes are the least of their problems but can be a detail to make your day to day a little easier.

The discomforts that cause pregnancy affect each woman differently. Most of these discomforts are the result of hormonal changes that your body is experiencing to house the development of the future baby. 

Maternity clothes

Of course, future mothers do not have to give up their own style. Although it does not hurt to find looks that are comfortablefor each stage of pregnancy. These are some of our tips for maternity clothes. 
Better if the fabrics of the garments are natural, they keep the body temperature constant and make you feel more comfortable. 
 To be really comfortable the clothes have to be large and loose. If, in addition, the material has a touch that you like, better than better.
 The colors are important. White is cool and dark tones attract heat. A good decision if you spend heat or hot flashes is to wear neutral tones or pastels, if instead you are a cold person try to choose dark colors.
 Footwear must be comfortable and made of natural material. Plastic is a bad decision, it tends to emeporate swelling. 

ropa premama mujer sudadera unicornio  ropa premama vestido ancho ropa premama sudadera larga organica

A better world for your children 

We live in a climate emergency situation, in which we are increasingly aware that changing our habits is important to change the situation and leave a better world for our children. Cotton is one of the most polluting crops because it uses some of the most devastating pesticides for the environment. That is why most of our collections are made with organic cotton and with ecological awareness.
 If you have any questions about how Visual Poetry addresses this problem, do not hesitate to comment or send us a message. 
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