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Cómo decorar tus paredes | Visual Poetry Barcelona

How to decorate your walls

A way to decorate without spending a lot of money or complicating life

There is a way to decorate that makes our life much easier, we talk about hanging pictures, framed postcardsdecorative prints or memories on the wall.
To decorate a wall there are countless compositions in which you can combine paintings that you already had with new elements. In this post we want to show you how you can make some of those compositions.

How to make the compositions?

From our point of view there are four ways to make these types of compositions. Choosing one or the other depends on many factors, but above all you have to take into account the context, that is, how is the wall, the room or the corridor chosen in question.

Minimalist style

láminas para enmarcar

The minimalist walls are clean, elegant and can add a sense of peace and tranquility to any space.

Try to make the walls benches or neutral colors
Do not add many decorative sheets, no more than 4.
Try to make the color palette of framed sheets or paintings monochromatic.Composición cuadros

The grid style

Composición láminas decorativas
Easy and timeless, it is a perfect way to decorate any room, it is about looking for symmetry and perfection. 
Láminas decorativas composición cuadrícula

You can add many small works of art.

Try to make the frames similar to not overload.
If the paintings or decorative sheets are large, try to make some separation between each element in the composition.

The cross-shaped style

It is not as rigid as the grid style, but you can intentionally align each frame to give a more harmonious feeling.
Láminas decorativas composicion cruz

You can add many small works of art.
The idea is to seek harmony asymmetrically.
Always combine more complex illustrations or designs with some cleaner and simpler ones.

Eclectic style 

Decoración paredes ilustraciones
It is a very creative and functional way to show many memories, photos and works of art. You can play with an endless combination of color palettes, frames and themes.
Láminas decorativas composición abstracto
You can add many small works of art. But don't overdo it!
Always combine more complex illustrations or designs with some cleaner and simpler ones.
If you want to give it a modern touch, or your illustrated sheets are current, leave little space between each element. If instead your style is more nostalgic, separate more each small work of art.
Make "compositions" first on the floor.

Find prints and works of art

Láminas decorativa para enmarcar

As we all know, "real" paintings can be very expensive and a good alternative are decorative sheets, although they also have "a but" if we buy them on large surfaces they are such common pieces that they end up becoming elements without much, or None, personality.

There are many more original options. Our collection of framed sheets and postcards is produced in small quantities and they are all the work of the artist Iddeota. These are small works of art with a poetic background.

Good luck with your walls!

If you have any trick to decorate the house we will be happy to write or leave a comment.
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