about us


Visual Poetry Barcelona was born in 2007 in Barcelona.

The company was founded by Xavier (Ideotta) and Petxis, two friends that decided to explore their creativity and passion for art and illustration by creating a brand where they could express and share their thoughts and feelings through visual poems.

Visual Poetry Barcelona is ,above all, an art project.

We approach clothing and product design from a very personal and unique point of view and where visual poetry plays the main in role.

Ideotta is the artist behind the brand, he creates all our wonderful poems and illustrations, his work takes us to unexplored magic lands, snowy landscapes and cozy wooden cabins in the woods of our imagination.

We are very concerned about using always high-quality fabrics and materials to create our products.

We just LOVE nature that’s why we produce locally, our cotton is organic and try to be as much respectful with the enviroment as we can.


Our products are 100% manufactured in Barcelona.

Our cotton is 100% organic.